Who Are We

The Reading Kid is Eyal. He was born on February 23rd 2006, started reading when he was 6.5 years old and hasn’t stopped since.
Eyal gets most of the books he reads from the local library, which he visits at least once a week. He also borrows books from the school library and his grandmother’s local library. Some of the books he gets from around the house, since his mom is an avid reader herself and owns (too) many books.
Eyal’s favorite genre is fantasy and he also likes comic books. Besides reading books, Eyal is interested in mathematics, sciene and computer games,  sings in the school’s choir and plays chess.

The Cat
is Hamoodi (meaning “cute” in Hebrew). Eyal adopted him from an animal shelter when he was 6 years old (it was a birthday present from his parents). Hamoodi was 8 months old then. Hamoodi greets Eyal everyday when he comes back from school, and then spends time with him while he eats lunch, does his homework, watch TV and of course – reads. He also sleeps in Eyal’s bed at night.

Eyal & Hamoodi

Eyal lives with his  mom, dad,  2 younger brothers and 2 other cats (besides Hamoodi): Dexter and Jean-Luc. Sometimes Dexter joins Eyal while he reads too.


Reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  with Dexter
Reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
with Dexter

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