Star Trek New Voyages – 4×02 – To Serve All My Days – Alternative Ending

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If you have not yet seen “To Serve All My Days“, please watch that first so that you can understand this clip.

In the Star Trek New Voyages fan-film: “To Serve All My Days”, Chekov appears to die at the end of that episode.

That ending was filmed at Walter Koenig’s request to bring closure to his role.

As we know Chekov appears in later episodes and movies, how does he then survive?

The answer was attached to the end of the 1969 Special Edition of that episode…

In answer to numerous questions and comments about how it is possible that Chekov is alive again after TSAMD, we have now posted this alternative ending from the special edition. This is a very “Russian” answer to the problem.

You can see the entire episode of “To Serve All My Days – A Night in 1969, Special Edition” by following this link:…

As DNA have an exclusive agreement for releasing the special edition, we cannot release it in full on this channel.

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